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CEBIS is our reliable partner since 2017 presenting multiple competitive advantages that have impacted positively the development of our products. CEBIS Int. is a partner opened to find the best solution for his partner and together we managed to find the best set-up and designs for our clinical research projects.

X. Llop

Medical Manger/Medical &Marketing - NOVENTURE, S.L

C. Meggiato

Research &Development - Bios Line S.p.A.

CEBIS cooperation and commitment have been precious and they have allowed us to extend the product to children from 1 year of age onwards. I hope there will be further opportunities to work together in the future.

CEBIS proved to be collaborative and helpful in supporting us in the execution of activities related to the study and the publication of the paper. The communications between our teams have always been complete and fast.

A. Vanelli

Head of Research & Development - Nutrilinea, Pharcoterm, Apharm

G. Tarantino

Chief Scientific Officer - Pharmanutra Spa

Pharmanutra Spa underline the positive collaboration we are having, since many years, with CEBIS International. CEBIS demonstrated to be a serious and qualified CRO partner, relationship has been always clear and services always punctual and precise. Surely, our Company will work with CEBIS again, if there will be the opportunity, for other clinical trials and, at the same time, I would suggest CEBIS to colleagues and partners.

The relation with CEBIS can be described on the following aspects:

• Communication – Opened, close to client needs, interest in what they have to do, responsible.
• Knowledge – strong knowledge associated to the field of activity;
• Attitude: Opened, positive, responded, short time of reaction, interest in finding best solutions
• Deadline- Respected
• Professionalism – In one word, a professional company with professional people. High quality of work done and of the service offered.

M. Avram

Medical Advisor Consumer HealthCare - Ipsen Pharma

A. Dan

Medical Director - Merck

The talent and dedication of the people working at CEBIS makes everything we do together possible. Experienced and professional company ready to create opportunities or solutions to overcome these challenging times. Customer oriented and flexible to proactively adapt to the company needs.

During our partnership CEBIS proved to be professionals and prompt in respecting the timelines of transmitting the information for resolving and achieving all the objectives in the Patient support programs of Screening and Adherence.

G. Neg

Head of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance - NEOLA Pharma

C. Rotaru

Medical Manager Oncology - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

CEBIS has shown a lot of professionalism, flexibility and adaptability, especially in the current crisis – COVID-19, where the Patient Support Program proved to be a real success, with a large number of doctors and patients enrolled.
The program platform is easy to use, intuitive, the informative materials are created so as to be understandable to any patient, and the services for enrolling patients and for keeping them in the program have proven to be very efficient.
The extensive experience that CEBIS has in patient support programs and the complete services that the company offers have been a real help in the development of the project, giving us a 360 ° perspective related to the patient’s journey in the program.
The people I worked with have shown a lot of professionalism since the start of the project, helping us to better understand the steps of the project, intervening with suggestions / ideas for improvement and efficiency.

I’m glad to address some considerations related to the partnership we have with CEBIS for more than 4 year in implementing 5 patient support programs that were needed by our company following the national cost-volume-result contracting with the local Health authorities under Hepatitis therapeutic area.
We are glad that we have met a dynamic and professional team with integrated system of services oriented to patients needs and with an extremely efficient infrastructure. In “Chance” and “Success” our collaboration had a real added value in relation to patient access to diagnostic, to a therapy of last generation and to a continuous monitoring of adherence and treatment retention, especially given the fact that some patients were chronic patients in advance stages of the disease. Also, we would like to emphasize the importance of the pharmacovigilance services and the administrative support offered to the health care professional involved in treating the patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C, contributing to achieving our organizational objectives as well as finalizing the contracts from the perspective of the local Health authorities.
We hope that in the next future to develop this type of programs on other therapeutics areas and to add more services to our collaboration as CEBIS International is on the top of our preferred partners because of the anticipable success of the initiated projects.

S. Mocanu

Business Unit Manager Specialties - NEOLA Pharma

A. Marcovici

Clinical  Pharmacology & Pharmacokinetics Manager - TERAPIA SA A Sun Pharma Company

We are working with CEBIS Int from the last 8 years. They provided various services as:
• eCRF preparation and validation;
• GCP trainings
• support in preparation of the bioequivalence studies protocols, submission and responding to the queries from National Ethics Committee.
In all the above-mentioned activities we got prompt and professional support from CEBIS team.
eCRFs preparation and validation using Open Clinica software was handled carefully, taking in consideration the particularities of the bioequivalence studies. We got also support in completion and verification of completed eCRFs, Terapia monitors ‘team has collaborated very well with CEBIS specialists.
Another service offered to Terapia based on the contract was GCP trainings. The trainers selected; the way the training was organized helped a lot our team in approaching the principles of GCP. The trainers shared their practical experience with Terapia personnel and this helped them a lot in their daily activities.
Last, but not least, CEBIS support is very important to us in relation with the National Ethics Committee. CEBIS is continuously providing support in preparation of the bioequivalence studies protocols as per National Ethics Committee requirements. Also, they are helping us in understanding the NEC queries related to the protocols and in providing the appropriate responses, smoothing a lot the process of getting NEC positive opinion on the protocols.
Despite the personnel fluctuation, so common now days in clinical studies area, CEBIS is always handling in a very professional manner the support they are offering to Clinical Pharmacology Pharmacokinetics Department of TERAPIA SA in relation with our clinical studies.

A reliable partner delivering comprehensive services with expertise, efficiency and integrity.

C. Oprescu, MD

Head of Clinical Operations - Roche

I. Dumitrana

Scientific Advisor Immuno-Oncology - Bristol-Myers Squibb

Scientific expertise and experience to provide the highest quality in pharmaceutical research field

Highly skilled professional organization, proactive and flexible to adapt its strategy to a very demanding and challenging environment. Committed and dedicated to deliver high standard knowledgeable services and fully capable to conduct the projects to very successful completion. Creative in finding customer tailored solutions for any possible challenge and strong foundation build by resourceful human capabilities. Provides an excellent execution for broad range of services from the patient support programs to the most sophisticated clinical trials.

A. Dan

Medical Manager - Merck

C. Cirstea

Medical Manager - Astellas Pharma

A team united through common values which drive their actions to long term partnerships and success.

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